This blog is for the informal Worship evenings at Glenrothes Salvation Army called "Catch the Fire".

These are held on the first Thursday evening of each month and are open to all.

Adverts, previews, reports and resources will appear here together.

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Sunday, 10 August 2008

new rss feed address

Hi - just incase your reader doesn't self adjust, the new rss address for the new CtF website/blog is put that in your listing and miss nothing! See you at the new site

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Moving to a new home

Catch the Fire online is on the move. We've got a fab new site over at and it looks like this.

It has all the things that were available through this blog but in a much easier and user friendly manner.

So, if you followed this blog through an RSS feed reader, please amend your settings so that you can keep up with all the information and resources that we'll have for you. The new RSS address is

This site will not close as strange things will happen with the address! It will simply remain with this post so any visitors will be redirected.

So come on over to the new site. We're waiting!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Catch the Fire on Blog Networks

There's a new Facebook application out called Blog Networks that allows people to get together and discuss their favourite blog. Of course, we all know that this is the blog you check most often, and the one you most eagerly await updates for! So why not hop on over to the CtF Blog Network page and add yourself as a reader?

Go on... you know you want to.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New Resources

At long last and with big apologies for all the delays, I am now able to release 6, yes 6 new videos for you to download and use as you see fit. There will be some talk resources too but they're in a bit of a mess so I'll endeavour to get these sorted asap for you.

Anyway, back to the videos and here's the details. Click on the title to download - these will always be available in the widget in the left column.

1) Better get to living
Yes, that is the title of the latest Dolly Parton hit! I kept hearing it on the radio and realised it fitted perfectly with out July theme - Break these chains. The basic sentiment is: stop wallowing in the past and get on with what you're meant to be doing! This video reflects that.

2) Breakaway
We're continuing in our up to the minute style here with a single from previous American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. Another song urging us to break away from the past and move to the glorious future God has in store for us. Due to technical difficulties, this took ages to prepare so please enjoy it even more!

3) Can't stop talking
This is a great song from the Hillsongs Church in Australia. Used this originally outside of CtF but it has been used as a call to worship since. Its a great encouraging song leading us to speak more about the wonders of God. Not one of my best videos but still a useful resource.

4) I am trusting
This is a very simple video to Frances Ridley Havergal's song (Salvation Army Song Book: 727; Songs of Fellowship 202). This was prepared specifically for worship I led for the Peterhead SA Youth Group retreat in June but has also been used for a CtF. Its simplicity, I think, is its strength.

5) I will run to you
For June's CtF (The world for God), this video reminded us that even the smallest part of this world is created and loved by God, and that we should not only love that smallest part, but do out utmost to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we do His work every day.

6) Love changes everything
Finally, something different! This is a video I initially prepared for our music section practice devotions but also used it for the July CtF. The video has the powerful reminder that if we are to change anything in this world, it has to be centred on love - not just any love...but the love of God. The audio is a very low quality recording of Glenrothes SA Brass Band playing an arrangement of the Lloyd Webber classic song. It was recorded on a cheap iPod plug-in recorder at a concert we put on in Blairgowrie. I've made it as good as I can by removing most of the distortion, but, as I told the Corps musicians, the message of this video is in the words, not in the quality of the recording.

As usual, please feel free to download, use and share these videos as much as you want. They are offered free of charge and we don't even seek recognition (although a little credit when you use them would be nice!). We just ask that these are used for the continued glorification of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in whose strength these videos have been prepared.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Break these Chains

If you can, please join us from 7pm tomorrow evening (Thursday 3rd July) at Glenrothes Salvation Army Worship & Community Centre in Caskieberran Road, Glenrothes. Catch the Fire - our monthly informal worship - is on and this month has the theme "Break these Chains". Come and hear our worship group play a few songs ... come and watch some exclusive videos ... come and hear some short thoughts from Gods Word ... come and sing a few songs of praise and worship ... come and relax in His presence ... come and simply "be" before God as we seek to Break the Chains that hold us back in worship and service of our Redeemer God.

Resources used will be uploaded to this site as soon as possible after the event. We've had a few techy problems that have held things up so we've still got to upload last months videos etc, but they will be here soon - promise!

So, please join us tomorrow if you're in the area and can make it. If you can't, or you're not local, please join us in prayer wherever you are. Thanks.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

July CtF

Next month, we meet on Thursday 3 July from 7pm. Here's the flyer and once again thanks to Adam Howie for letting us use his artwork. Now, to be honest, that's about all I can tell you just now. Just felt this was the theme we're meant to be doing and have no idea where we're going to go with it. So there you go! That's the theme. Please pray for our preparations for the evening which will continue in the informal style we have become used to over the last year or so.

Incidentally, not forgotten June's review - it'll be here soon along with lots of resources too.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

CtF June

Following on from our look last month at the ascension of Christ and His "Great Commission", this month we take the theme "The World for God" and will look at what we are called to be doing in the world in God's Name and for His sake. We will take some time to look not just at the call to the early Church, but also how the early Salvation Army handled this call and of course, what it all means to us today.

So, if you can, join us at Glenrothes Salvation Army Worship & Community Centre on Thursday 5 June from 7pm. We'll share in song, readings, videos, fellowship, food ... and who knows what else. If you can't join us in person, please join us in prayer wherever you are. And of course, check back here after the event to download whatever resources we've used on the night.

Please download the flyer now and distribute wherever you feel appropriate. Thanks.

Oh, must add that the main picture comes courtesy of Adam Howie from Gorgie Salvation Army. He's a great artist and even has stuff you can buy! Check out his blog over at for news from Adam and links to his various sites. He's a great guy - please support him in whatever way you can - even if you want him to design something specific ... i'm sure he'll help out if he can. Thanks Adam for use of the pic.